so many ideas!

you should have heard me last week. i was talking to my hubby so fast i was tripping all over my words. i just got so excited looking at all the diy blogs and was so inspired, i was trying to share all of my ideas at once! well, my excitement must have worn off a little bit because caleb (my hubby) started looking for new projects too! once again, our thoughts were tripping over each other so we decided to start in one room.

we chose...the bathroom! it needs some major over-hauling and we won't be able to do it all right away. what we want to start with is:

1. paint the tile. we have tile halfway up the walls and covering our bathtub surround. the tile has gross rose-colored flowers painted on them and we tried to sand them off, and one of them took FOREVER. so, i looked up painting ceramic tile to see if it can be done and oila! it can be. i'll post a tutorial on how to do it once we are done.

2. replace carpet with tile. ew. i'm sorry if you're one of those people who likes the cushy feeling of carpet after stepping out of the shower, but that is one place i feel carpet does not belong! so, we are putting in new tile.

3. re-do vanity. we're either going to re-furbish our existing vanity or try to find an old dresser to make into a vanity. and obviously, we'll need a new top to go with our new look!

4. change all fixtures. right now, all of our fixtures are polished brass. lovely. maybe i should move this to the top of the list!

5. miscellaneous. i'm going to build some shelves to put by the tub to give us some storage (we don't even have a linen closet). and of course, i'll need to do some decorating!

just wanted to give you an idea of what it looked like/ currently looks like.

here's what it looked like before we moved in:

and after we tore out the wallpaper and painted a light blue:
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