To Sam (6 years)

Dear Sam, 
You're SIX years old!!! Ridiculous. I love you so, so, SO much! 

Here's some highlights and things about you from age 5-6! 
- you love books
- you're super serious about the things you love doing, especially when it comes to adventure and imagination! 
- love your sister and baby Olivia. You will always hold/snuggle/help them in any way you can. 
- you're a huge help and love to work hard! 
- we moved to grammy and papas house this year while our house is being built. 
- you take your healthy habits very seriously, often reminding me about your vitamins/ningxia and you LOVE apples! 
- the family peacemaker
- you also want to make sure other people are doing what's right... which means you tattle quite a bit. 
- you are trustworthy. If we ask you to do something, we know you will do it! 
- you lost 2 teeth!
- best day ever! Sept. 8 you asked Jesus into your heart!!!
- you're always willing to take a picture with mama
- started kindergarten
- the JOY of the family with your ready smile and helpful attitude. 

I am SO in love with you and SO thankful God blessed our family with you! 
Love, Mom

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