Picture Frame Makeover

I did another mini makeover in my bathroom. I made a place for my necklaces, but what was I supposed to do with my earrings? I didn't have a jewelry box. I didn't want to just throw them all in a ring box because then, how are you supposed to find them?

Enter, my mom. She calls me one day and says, "Katie, I'm going to take a load to goodwill. Do you want anything?" YES! Please give me all those beautiful frames you are getting rid of.

So, I chose the one that already matched my bathroom and decided to make it into an earring holder. All I did was get a piece of screen (my FIL had it), take out the glass and the backing. Insert the screen into where the glass had fit and hang it on the wall!

(Sorry I don't have before pictures)

What do you think of my $0 earring holder?

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  1. Awesome! This is very similar to a framed jewelry display I made too. Great job! :o)

  2. Thanks! Your site looks great too. I'm now a follower :)

  3. This is really cute (and even better that it was free)! Good job :-)


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