Sandpaper Crayon T-shirts

Sandpaper Crayon T-shirts Tutorial
I have a little tutorial for you today. I’m involved in Mothers of Preschoolers (Mops) at my church and am the Creative Activities Coordinator (I make up crafts for us to do). It’s so much fun and I’ve found tons of fun things for us to do! The last craft we made I posted about here. It's a post-it note clipboard. Great for teacher gifts! 

This week, we made Sandpaper Crayon T-shirts. We drew them on onesies to give to our local Women’s Resource Center. It’s a super easy project, and really fun! If you have older kids, it would definitely be something they can do.

Anyways, here’s the tutorial.
Step 1: Gather your supplies (onesie or other piece of clothing, sandpaper, crayons, iron,  paper towel, and a piece of scrap cardboard)

Step 2: Color a picture onto your sandpaper. (This will be reversed, so remember to draw things backwards from the way you want it to look!)

Step 3: Place your cardboard INSIDE your onesie. (This will prevent the crayon from bleeding through.)

Step 4: Place sandpaper with the drawing side down and put paper towel over top of the sand paper to keep your iron from getting damaged.

Step 5:  Iron on paper towel for about 30 seconds, making sure to cover all of the drawing.

Step 6: Remove the paper towel and the sand paper. You should have a drawing on your onesie now!

Step 7: Place your paper towel directly onto the onesie and iron to remove the extra wax.

Step 8: Remove the cardboard from inside and enjoy your new product!

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