old windows with new purpose

I love old windows. I love the character they have, the vintage-factor they give a room, and the ability to use them in a variety of ways! I've taken it upon myself to find pictures of a few different ways you can use them.

Coat rack from Cozy. Cottage. Cute

 Always a favorite is the picture-frame window. Love this one! I am Momma Hear me Roar

Jewelry display window from Life. Love. Larson

This is a neat idea! Hang a few and use them as a divider. Apartment Therapy

Love, love, love this! I think I'm going to re-create it in my house.  Clarendon Lane

Window headboard from Crafty Nest. (Check out mine here)

Turn a window into a coffee table. Junk Market Style

DIY Pot Rack Thrifty Decorating

Make a planter box! So pretty as a backdrop to flowers. A Cultivated Nest

 So there you have it, folks. Go find some old windows and make something pretty out of them!

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  1. Whoa?! I was amazed by the coat rack, Katie. It needs a little decorating, though. Well, I have an old window frame in the shed that I might turn in into a coat rack before Christmas. Consider it as a present for myself. :)


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