window frame headboard.

here it is! after buying these old wooden panels at a garage sale for $2, i have made them into a headboard with a little paint and some picture hangers.

i roughed them up a bit first so the paint would stick better.

then came the paint. i chose an off-white that would pop out against the dark blue-green of our wall.

i put some simple picture hangers hangers on the back.

here's what the first one looks like.

the final(ish) result!

i say final(ish) because when i find the perfect fabric, i will place them inside the panes, so it's more of an upholstered feel. also, when they come down for the fabric, i will distress them a little bit.

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  1. They do pop! This is a such a great idea. Very cool!

  2. LOVe what you did here, Katie! It looks amazing -- way to repurpose those windows!

  3. Thanks so much! I love the way it turned out.


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