Easy Upholstered Box Spring

During our big upstairs remodel, I've gotten to do lots of fun, new things! One thing I've been wanting to do for awhile is upholster our box spring. I think it is a brilliant way to make something ugly look custom and beautiful without having to pay a lot of money.

I basically just read over this tutorial once and decided it didn't sound too hard! So here is what I did.

First, let me tell you that my box spring is a queen sized split box spring. My husband and I were debating getting a new one that's just one piece because we were tired of it sagging in the middle, but we didn't want to pay for it (we're cheap like that). So, I cut pieces of wood and framed it together myself.

After I framed it, I measured my box spring and bought my fabric. I used 3 strips of fabric (I didn't upholster the side that is against the wall) that were 10" wide and 81" long. Technically the short side didn't need to be that long, but I was lazy and just cut them all to the same length. My box spring measured 59 x 79 inches and was 8 inches deep with the new wooden frame. (Sorry I don't have a real picture of this. I got ahead of myself!) Here is a drawing of what it looked like.

*Note about the 2 long sides: I used hemming tape to hem the edge that would be overlapping the other fabric to give it a nice, clean look.

Then I just upholstered it using a staple gun like you would do any other reupholstering project. I started with the short end and stapled it all on the bottom. I wrapped it so it went around the corner about 3 inches. Then I did the other 2 sides.

My handy husband drilled holes in the wood frame and we screwed in our new furniture legs that I bought from Home Depot. I spray painted the 4 corner ones white, but left the one in the middle unfinished since we can't see it. Then we unscrewed the legs so we could flip the box spring over.

After stapling it all to the bottom, we flipped it over and stapled the top. Then I trimmed the excess fabric. (If you don't have a comforter or bedspread that will cover to the top of the box spring, be careful how much fabric you trim!)

Re-screw the legs on, and voila! You have a beautiful new, upholstered box spring for only a few dollars!

P.S. Our room is looking awesome! The walls are painted, the floor is done and most of our furniture is moved back in. Can't wait to show you!

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  1. This is fantastic! I've thought about doing this a few times because I am yet to purchase a proper frame for our bed. You make it look so easy and stylish. Pinned this to my DIY board! :)

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  2. That's a really creative way to cover up an ugly box spring, rather than using a bed skirt. I'm definitely going to pin this.

  3. I've been meaning to do this myself! Great job. I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers. http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-diyers-and-last-weeks-top-three.html

  4. um, never would have thought to do that! what an easy transformation!

  5. Ila@lilsprinklesofjoy

    I love this idea! So much better than any bedskirt and great for beds that bedskirts don't work!

  6. Fantastic project and thanks for the tutorial too. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  7. I love what you have done. You should come party with us and show of your creativity.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I hopped over from Craft Frenzy Friday.
    I've been wanting to do this.
    I like how yours turned out.
    You make it look easy!

    1. Thanks! It really was easy. As long as you have access to a staple gun ;)

  9. Love this idea, looks great. Pinning it now, I have a bed that needs this.
    New follower.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile

  10. I never even thought of it! Great idea!!

  11. What a great idea! I love those legs, and I am not a fun of bed ruffles my kids always destroy them! I need to try this! Thank you for linking up at my Furniture and Paint Party!


  12. This looks great! I have to do this with my box springs!! I'm co-hosting Tell Me Tuesday this week and you should come link up with us at www.craftdictator.com!!

  13. Thanks for posting on Craft Frenzy Friday!

  14. Love this idea Katie..... I'm a new follower and can't what's next! Loved your master bedroom reveal, as well!

    Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie Bs too

  15. Brilliant transformation.
    What a wonderful layout.Fire Engine Kids Bed

  16. First, let me tell you that my box spring is a queen sized split box spring. ... qbspring.blogspot.com

  17. I did this an easier way. I bought a fitted sheet, placed it on the box spring and then secured it all around with staples. With the help of my husband moving the mattress and turning over the box spring it took me less than a half hour to do this.

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