Master Bedroom Remodel

So you know how I told you a couple of posts ago that we had lots of projects going on? I wanted to give you a sneak peak of our biggest one! We are completely remodeling 2 of the 3 rooms in our upstairs. Well, technically 1 of them isn't even a room yet. It's a loft that we're making into a room for the baby. But first we have to do all this stuff to the master bedroom (which I'm actually excited about, because it's been sorely neglected!).

First, here is a picture of what it looked like when we bought our house. Lovely, right?

And here are a couple pictures of what it looked like as we've been living in it. Not horrible, but as I said, I've neglected this room in the decorating process. We put new paint on the walls, took out the carpet (and found original, unfinished hardwood underneath!), and added our furniture.

And here is a preview of our makeover. We are in the process of adding 2 new closets to our room (they're almost done!), so we can knock out the closet that is in the room currently. We have to move our door to where the old closet is so we have room to add a bathroom upstairs.
(Just had to add this picture of our little "helper" because he's adorable)

I'm so excited for the construction part to be over so I can decorate! I made a little "inspiration" board for what I'm wanting to do with the room. Most of the room will be done in light blues and whites. And (as of right now) will have just a few coral accents. Aka, a few candles, maybe a pillow or two and a vase of flowers. I am also going to put a reading chair with a footstool (that I'm hoping to build myself) and a little round table in the alcove in between the new closets. I have a beautiful vision in my head and I hope it turns out the way I'm envisioning!

What do you think? I can't wait to get it done!
P.S. Here's the final reveal!
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  1. I totally love the sunburst mirror you have on your inspiration board!!! Good luck with your makeover.


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