Under the Bed Play Table

Our latest project was an under the bed play table. I've seen this one floating around Pinterest and loved the idea! A play table, toy storage, and it doesn't take up any floor space. What's not to love, right? So I showed my husband the idea last night and he said, why don't we just take the train table we have and convert it? (He's a genius, I tell you.) Plus, we had taken the train table down a few months ago to have more floor space in Luke's room and it was just sitting in our storage closet. So, double bonus! New table for Luke and more storage space for me.

This is the only before picture I could find.

The only money we spent was to buy some castor wheels (and a couple of screws to put the handles on the drawers).

We simply cut the legs off, so the table was flat.

Then screwed some wood inside and attached the castor wheels. Voila! Now it rolls right out from under the bed when we want to play with it, and right back under the bed when we're done.

My genius husband had another idea to paint the back side of the table top in chalkboard paint (on another night). Then we can draw our own roads and houses!

What do you think?
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