To Audrey: Year 1

To Audrey: Year 1

I can't even believe I'm writing you your first year letter.. even if it is a couple months late. Sorry, love. Where do I start?

You are the perfect completion to our family. The best little baby girl in the history of ever. You literally looked like a doll when you were born! You started out well sleeping and just got better and better, especially with the gentle baby essential oil on your sheets next to your head.

We had to go to Riley Hospital a few times with you to get your eating/sleeping figured out because you would randomly stop breathing while you were sleeping, and you'd choke while you were eating.. to the point that your lips turned purple a few times and you totally freaked me out. So we got a sleep study and some feeding studies done. All was well, just seemed like your swallow reflex needed to get stronger and you adjusted.

When you were super little, you'd cry if you were held too much! We would put you down in the pack and play and you'd be a super happy camper. When you got a little bigger, you wanted to be able to see people, but still not be touched all the time.

You've been to Michigan, Arizona, and Florida in your first year!

You're definitely a mama's girl and I love that! You look and act so much like Luke, though. Your brothers (especially Luke) adored you from the first moment they met you. You're such a busy bee, always trying to keep up with the boys.. and ALWAYS getting into trouble, heading for the stairs when you're not supposed to, pulling things off shelves and out of bags, generally making a mess and loving life. And you have a very mischievous glint in your eye!  You hate being restrained in any way- like your car seat, stroller, and if someone has to hold you and you want down.

You love your monkey blanket and have to have it to sleep with.. it also makes you want to snuggle, so I'm totally cool with it. You also like to drag it around with you! Ever since you were little, you've had to have something soft to snuggle with. You liked laying on blankets and holding other blankets in your hands. You love bath time.. and anything to do with being in water. You love food. You love people laughing at you. You'll keep doing things over and over if people are laughing at you! You started smiling and haven't stopped since. You're such a joy in our lives!

We love you SO much, Audrey Christine (AB, Ace)

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To Sam: Year 3

To Sam, 
You are getting so big, so fast! Literally and figuratively. I think you're going to be the tallest kid in our family.

This year, your hair finally started to grow in! It came in super blonde and super curly. We can't go anywhere without someone commenting on your beautiful curls. Plus those blue eyes and long lashes. You are absolutely adorable. And you have the personality to go with your looks. You give the best hugs, love to be touching all the time. Even when we're eating dinner you have to be halfway sitting on my lap. You have the sweetest smile and the best giggle. You are sensitive and sweet. You're also very stubborn and emotional! When I have to drop you off at a class, whether it's for church, MOPs, or Bible study, you still cry every time I leave. You're definitely Mommy's boy :)

You passed some big milestones this year! We took the paci away in anticipation of having a new baby, you moved to a big bed in Luke's room, and you potty trained! I probably could have potty trained you months before I actually did because you would tell me all the time when you were going. Funny story: About 2 weeks after you started potty training, we went up to Michigan to visit Great Grandma Bush. While we were there, we went to the beach one day and you really had to go to the bathroom. We told you to just go pee in the lake, thinking you'd go into the water and pee. Nope. You dropped your swimsuit on the beach and peed INTO the lake. It was hilarious!

You love to read! You have the Very Hungry Caterpillar and Brown Bear Brown Bear books memorized. It makes me very proud of you!

You do your absolute best to keep up with your big brother. You love playing with him, but you also don't mind doing your own thing. You love ice cream, but otherwise aren't a big sweets person. Your stuffed puppy, Rufus (you call him My Yufus), and your blankie are your favorite things. Mommy and Papa are your favorite people. You love to wrestle, snuggle, watch movies, and play with technology. You love your baby sister and have no idea what a space bubble is.

I love you so, so, so much!

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