Easy Upholstered Box Spring

During our big upstairs remodel, I've gotten to do lots of fun, new things! One thing I've been wanting to do for awhile is upholster our box spring. I think it is a brilliant way to make something ugly look custom and beautiful without having to pay a lot of money.

I basically just read over this tutorial once and decided it didn't sound too hard! So here is what I did.

First, let me tell you that my box spring is a queen sized split box spring. My husband and I were debating getting a new one that's just one piece because we were tired of it sagging in the middle, but we didn't want to pay for it (we're cheap like that). So, I cut pieces of wood and framed it together myself.

After I framed it, I measured my box spring and bought my fabric. I used 3 strips of fabric (I didn't upholster the side that is against the wall) that were 10" wide and 81" long. Technically the short side didn't need to be that long, but I was lazy and just cut them all to the same length. My box spring measured 59 x 79 inches and was 8 inches deep with the new wooden frame. (Sorry I don't have a real picture of this. I got ahead of myself!) Here is a drawing of what it looked like.

*Note about the 2 long sides: I used hemming tape to hem the edge that would be overlapping the other fabric to give it a nice, clean look.

Then I just upholstered it using a staple gun like you would do any other reupholstering project. I started with the short end and stapled it all on the bottom. I wrapped it so it went around the corner about 3 inches. Then I did the other 2 sides.

My handy husband drilled holes in the wood frame and we screwed in our new furniture legs that I bought from Home Depot. I spray painted the 4 corner ones white, but left the one in the middle unfinished since we can't see it. Then we unscrewed the legs so we could flip the box spring over.

After stapling it all to the bottom, we flipped it over and stapled the top. Then I trimmed the excess fabric. (If you don't have a comforter or bedspread that will cover to the top of the box spring, be careful how much fabric you trim!)

Re-screw the legs on, and voila! You have a beautiful new, upholstered box spring for only a few dollars!

P.S. Our room is looking awesome! The walls are painted, the floor is done and most of our furniture is moved back in. Can't wait to show you!

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To Luke: Year 2

Last year for my son's birthday, I wrote him a little something from his mommy. I want to do the same for him this year, as he turns two, to let him know everything I love about him.

To Luke on your second birthday,
I cannot believe how fast time is flying. It feels as if you were just born last week, but here you are, walking, talking, laughing, climbing, jumping, and developing into a little boy! I can definitely tell you're a little boy because of the things you love the most right now: trucks, trains, planes, mowers, tractors, boats, cars, basically anything that drives.

The way your little brain works amazes me. You are always learning a new word or phrase and it seems like every day you are able to do or say something new, like climbing and going down stairs by yourself, eating new foods, understanding who certain people are in your life, and learning colors, shapes, counting, and noises things make.

Some things you love to do are "race" daddy around the house or in the backyard, help daddy mow, go for Jeep rides with Grammy and Papa, go to camp with Grandma and Grandpa, dance, watch Cars and Cars 2, drive your cars, trucks, and tractors around, ride around in your green car outside, go to the park with your best friend Anniston, be around people, go to Home Depot to "ride" the tractors, swim in the bathtub, help me sweep by dumping the dust pan into the trash, slide and swing, play games on my phone, blow bubbles, drink chocolate milk, ride bikes, say "cheese" for pictures, play in the sand box, go to the library, eat fruit snacks, and see animals at the zoo.

I love everything about you! You're my little man and you make me so incredibly happy. You are almost always happy, obedient, and loving. You've started giving BIG hugs recently and I love that! You love your baby brother already and melt my heart every time you want to hug and kiss Sam without me prompting you. I love how when I ask if your drink is gone, you always say "almost," even if it's completely full or completely empty. I love that you love your daddy so much. Everyday you watch him leave for work by looking out the window. You recognize the sound of his car when he gets home from work and drop everything you're doing to race to the back door and wait for him. I love that you want to rock before you go to bed. I love that if we forget to pray at meal times, you remind us by squinting your eyes closed and hunching over and saying "Mama" or "Dad." I love that you say "love you" to us, but it comes out more like "luh lu." I love how handsome you looked in both weddings you were in this year, Uncle Brad and Aunt Holly's and Evan and Danielle's. I love how much of a character you are, and that's why I call you a "ham." I love how you aren't afraid to do anything, and that accounts for the many scrapes and bruises you've had in your short 2 year life. I love your curly, blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

Your personality is joyful, sociable, impulsive, a little devious, brave, clever, friendly, funny, and silly. I always tell people you have one speed and one volume: fast and loud. You never stop moving, unless you are asleep, and it wears me out, but I wouldn't change that for the world! You are a blessing to me!

Love you Buster,

Pictures from 1-2 years (not in any particular order)

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