Master Bedroom Accessories: Before and After

I told you in my post about my thrift store finds that I would be doing some before and after posts about said finds. I've also been redoing some stuff we already had to go with our new master bedroom decor. I can't wait to see what it looks like after it's all put together! For now, here are some before and afters.

I actually tackled my first every pillow recover with a sewing machine for this pillow! And, it's the pillow sham style, so you can take the pillow out. I'm pretty darn proud of myself. (Also props to my mom who helped me figure out how to do it!)

Remember this gem? I LOOOOVEEEE the details on the mirror. The before color, not so much. Spray paint to the rescue! I used Valspar Tropical Oasis in a gloss finish (which is the only teal color I could find anywhere, and it's sold at Lowe's).

And here is my birdcage. It was a dark red and is now a nice shade of watermelon (That's what I'm calling the pink color, so my husband doesn't think I'm decorating our bedroom with pink.) I used Krylon Watermelon (see?!) spray paint in a gloss finish, which I picked up at Walmart.

Stay tuned for more before and afters! And for a progress report pretty soon about how our room is looking.

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