So, I started a business.

So, I started a business. Not just me, but my best friend and me. It's the best thing I've ever done (besides marrying my husband and having my two sweet boys). I'm looooving it! What's the business, you ask? It's called Rescued Design.

Some of you might know I have a degree in interior design. I loved working as an interior designer, but as a designer, you always suggest the best, name brand, priciest options to your client. Having grown up in a modest household, where we didn't have a money to throw at decorating our house, I was taught to stay in a budget and to find things on sale. So suggesting these pricey things was completely foreign to me. Rescued Design mixes interior design and an affordable budget.

Lindsay, my best friend and business partner, and I find old, junky, vintage, unloved, good-bones pieces of furniture and accessories and buy them. Then we fix them up (or upcycle), repurpose, paint, repair, etc. them and resell them for affordable prices.

We were a part of a vendor boutique right before Christmas and it was so much fun! You will find us doing these more throughout this year. We also have our own online store, facebook page, and instagram accounts! (You can find all of these on our website.) I'm not sure how big our business is going to get, but we've got many possibilities before us: a booth at an antique mall, pop up markets, our own brick and mortar shop and so much more.

We would love for you to visit us on our facebook page or our website!
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