Blessings and an Update

The blessings in life have become my focal point recently. I find myself thankful for so many things that I took for granted before... buying whatever kind of food we wanted, being able to buy new clothes if we needed them, going out to eat when we wanted, renting movies if we had a night at home, etc. Now I am thankful for things that are much smaller than that! I am thankful for family and friends looking out for our well-being during this hardship, for my son not being picky about what he eats (and eating whatever we already have on hand!), for people being willing to pass along my husband's resume and help us look for jobs, for already have planned a garage sale for this weekend when God knew we would need extra money, and for the kind anonymous person who gave us a gift card to Kroger. Thank you Jesus for these little things!

We were able to make over $175 this weekend with our garage sale. Most of that went into our bank account. A few dollars went to dinner with friends at our local festival that happens ever June. We are thankful for that small reprieve of "whatever-is-in-the-pantry" dinners! We had 6 different families in our garage sale and the turn-out was amazing! The weather was beautiful and we all sold lots of stuff. Here are a few pictures of all the junk we had.

My husband had 5 interviews last week for 3 different jobs and has 2 interviews this coming week as follow-ups. We are hoping to get at least 1 job offer this week! He used some of his remaining vacation days last week  to do those interviews and to work for a friend on some car stuff. Now, he is officially unemployed, but we aren't panicking (yet!). Continued prayers are appreciated that the right job will come along quickly.

Our No Spend Month is going pretty well! Last week we spent a total of $51.63 out of our $200. This went to groceries and gas. Thanks to the anonymous person that gave us the gift card to Kroger, we were able to buy all our fruits, veggies, and essentials (including trash bags and contact solution) for the week without touching what is left of our $200! Again, we are so grateful!

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