Pudding Finger Painting

I love trying new things with my son. It's fun to watch him learn and experience different stuff. A little while ago, I found a pin on Pinterest about pudding finger painting. This mom let her child paint on paper, but I wasn't that brave (I knew it'd be messy!).

I plopped Luke in his high chair (with just a diaper on), whipped up some instant chocolate pudding and gave him a cookie sheet to use as his canvas. My little boy turned into an artist! He LOVED "painting" (although, I think he ate as much as he painted). And, of course, he went straight into the bath tub after this!

This is a fantastic activity to do while you're stuck at home with your kiddos during the cold winter months. It's super messy, but it's super fun!

Do you have any children's activities for the winter months?
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  1. Good job Katie! I always say let them learn and explore and just deal with the mess later. Looks like Luke had a great time! Those pictures are priceless.


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