Oh. my. word.

 So, exactly how long has it been since I last posted? 2 weeks. WOW. I have been SUPER busy! And not with anything fun that I can blog about. Just work, sleep, eat, repeat process.

I did have time to make another small fall vignette. We have this uber cool antique roll-top desk. It was my grandma's. Technically, it's still my moms, but she thought it would look better in our house than in her dirty, nasty, scary basement in storage. I totally agree. Anyways.. I decorated it.
 Here it is!

 Sorry about the bad picture qualities.. my camera was freaking out that night!

 See that "B"? My brother-in-law made it for our wedding. We used it as our cake topper. It's so cool. It has a little base on it that he etched our names and wedding date into. Love it! 

Pretty flowers from my wonderful husband :) And our favorite wedding picture that my hubby doctored up in photoshop. 

THEN, tonight we are "parents for a night." One of my friends' anniversaries was this week and they wanted a night to themselves, so we adopted 2 of their kids for the night! So fun. Seriously. These two, especially the younger one, are hil.ari.ous. Want to see what I mean? Of course you do! 
 My sister and Ellie, the youngest.

 See what I mean?

 The girls.. they wanted to keep taking "funny" pictures. 
Getting them to take a serious one was HARD!

 I really like that my sister is trying not to get whipped in the face right here.

 Bunny ears?


 They also think my husband is their big play-toy.

 Oh well, he gives it right back!

Finally settled down for the night! 

On a side note, I finished 1 of my dining chairs! YIPPEEEEEEE! Now, 3 left.. I seriously need some time to work on them! 
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  1. Kate, I love your "deskscape". Beautiful wedding picture and I love the story behind the "B". Looks like everyone had fun, especially your hubby! Ann


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