Blog Feature Friday: Red Hen Home

This week's guest blogger is Korrie. She has an absolutely adorable blog! Check out this repurposed card catalog she shared with us today.

Hi!  I’m Korrie from Red Hen Home, where I blog about furniture refinishing and other home projects.  I’m delighted to be guest-posting here at the Copper Coconut!
Today I thought I’d share a project I finished for MYSELF this fall.  Far too often I get involved in projects that don’t ever stay in my home…but this was an exception!
Last summer (I didn’t say I did it quickly), I came across a card catalog in the local classified ads.

I couldn’t send my sister after it fast enough (I’m good that way).
I love it, but I wasn’t crazy about the bland medium-oak finish.
This spring I discovered a MIRACLE product:  General Finishes Gel Stain.  With it, you can darken an existing wood stain without completely removing the original finish—you just have to scuff it up a little.  (See this post for a more complete description of how to use it.)
I chose to use the stain in Antique Walnut for this project, and this is what I ended up with!

I used three coats of stain, wiped on with a sock, and let each coat dry for about 24 hours in between.

I love the new color, and the fact that there are some variations of light and dark shades.  Some might call that user error, but I prefer to think of it as character!
I love the pull-out trays on this piece!

The card catalog sits in our front-room-home-office, and I see it and smile every day now.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the other office projects, I’d love for you to come visit Red Hen Home!
Thanks for inviting me to visit, Katie!

How cute is that? And her office is AMAZING. Go check out her blog for more cute things!

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  1. Ok I love how it looks. I thought you were going to go white with it but I think this is better. Great job.

  2. What a great piece! I love the darker stain on it. The hardware really stands out nicely now, too.

  3. It's gorgeous. Some green plants in pots or baskets (I use fake!) would look gorgeous sitting underneath in the open space. It turned out just beautiful!

  4. Breathtaking. Must admit I'm abit envious. I've been wanting a card catalogue too and the dark stain makes it really pop. You did a beautiful job.

  5. Like everything Korrie makes, I love her card catalog as well!


  6. Love it! Korrie is such a sweetheart and always has great projects!

  7. I love that cabinet! The whole office is just the coolest room.

  8. what a difference, it's beautiful, i never tried the gel stain ill have to give it a shot!


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