Christmas Gifts, Etc.

Hey everyone! I know people are probably getting their Christmas shopping done (or maybe just getting started!) and wanted to remind you to check out my Etsy store for some great ideas. You know those people that seem to have everything and you're not sure what to buy for them? Give them the gift of graphics or a beautiful stained glass window!

I have things for sale such as my Green Diamond stained glass, custom blog banners, custom logo and business cards, and custom cards (notecards, Christmas cards, invitations, etc.)... and a lot more! Also, if you buy from now through the end of December, you can use the code CHRISTMAS25 and get 25% off your whole order!

On a different note, don't forget that I'm always looking for people who want to be featured on my Blog Feature Friday. This helps you get more traffic flow to your blog. Let me know if you want in on the fun!

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