Interior Design Standard Measurements

Have you ever wondered exactly what height outlets or light switches are supposed to be off of the floor? Or how tall a kitchen counter usually is? Or what the average width of a dining room chair is? Well, here are some answers!

Outlets and light switches:

  • Outlets are typically placed 12"-18" off the floor.
  • Light switches are typically placed 48" off the floor (to the center of the switch).

Dining room standards:

  • Chairs are typically 18"-19" wide.
  • Behind table and chairs you need about 2 feet for people to be able to walk (with the chair pulled out).
  • To pull out your chair, you need about 2 feet as well, totaling at least 3 feet to 4 feet of space between the wall and the table. 
  • A 48" round table will seat 6 people.


Kitchen standards:

  • Counters are typically 36" tall.
  • Islands are typically 38" tall.
  • Kitchens should have a work triangle between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. Any 2 appliances should be no less than 3 feet apart and no more than 7 feet apart. Total sides of the triangle should measure no less than 12 feet. 

Mantel and pictures:

  • Mantels should be at least 6" above the opening of the fireplace.
  • Pictures should be hung at 57" on center (meaning the center of the picture is at 57").

Mattress sizes:

  • Twin 39"x75"
  • Full 54"x 75"
  • Queen 60"x80"
  • King 76"x80"


I hope these standards will be helpful for you! Are there any others that you would like to know about?
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