Baby Boy Nursery

As I was looking back over my posts, I realized I never showed the final result of our baby boy's nursery that we finished (a year and a half ago!). This post shows the before and after of our remodel, but I've never posted pictures of what the room looks like after we decorated.

Better late than never, though! Here is our nautical themed nursery. (My "baby" is now 16 months old, so some things have changed since these pictures were taken.)

Standing in the doorway to the room. We now have a real end table next to the recliner, the wall
next to the curtains has 2 white shelves hanging on it with a pirate ship and some glass bottles on it, the 2 big lamps are gone and the little white lamp is next to the recliner. 
My best friend Lindsay sewed the curtains for me! I LOVE the way they turned out!  You can't really tell from this far away, but the top blue fabric has white rope criss crosses with knots in it...perfect for a nautical room! 
We transformed the closet a LOT. Check out the before and after. (We also added
 lots of shelves to the inside, which I currently don't have a picture of. Whoops.)
There used to be an antique sconce hanging next to the door, but we
changed it to an outside light that looks nautical to fit the theme of the room. 
My friend Stephanie gave us the ship flags and the ship to hang on the wall.
What do you think of the nautical themed room? I am SO pleased with the way it turned out! I also haven't posted how we did the faux board and batten, so if anyone is interested in that, please let me know.
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