Monthly Menu Plan: January

We are trying to conserve our money again after the holidays, traveling, eating out, etc. so we're being pretty strict about our menu this month! I've also been getting tired of some of my "go-to" recipes and am trying some new ones for January. Plus, we have some meals frozen from previous months that we didn't eat all of, so those made the menu this month, too. 

If you've never planned your menu for the month before, you can see my original post on how I do it here. I've adapted it some since then, but basically use it the same way. 

Anyway, here is my main dish menu. As always, I've linked to the recipes that have been posted already. Some of these recipes I love but haven't written about yet, so feel free to ask if you see one you want but isn't linked! 

Beef and noodles
Pizza roll-ups
Chicken tetrazzini (freezer)
Baked potato bar
Chicken taco melts
Ground beef stew and cornbread
Chicken poppers and homemade macaroni
Homemade pizza
Crockpot ham and potatoes
Chicken and noodles (freezer)
Chicken caesar salad
BBQ short ribs
Chicken chili (freezer)
Crockpot BBQ chicken
Salsa chicken wraps
Chicken parmesan
Taco casserole
Ziti with meat sauce
Chicken fried rice
Cornflake chicken

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