Coffee Table Centerpiece

Hey all! So yesterday I promised more pictures of my coffee table centerpiece that I put together. The inspiration came from Show and Tell. I really love the way she decorated for her grandma's wedding. Go check it out!

Anyways, she made these cool mason jar trays and I wanted one for my coffee table. Check out what I came up with!

There aren't any before and after shots because, well, there was no before. We just found some pieces of old barn wood, cut them to the right size, screwed them together and voila! A coffee table centerpiece.
Oh, and I put felt underneath so it wouldn't scratch our coffee table.

Here it is in the room again:

I'm still waiting to get some fresh flowers to put in there! And maybe in the future, I'll brush a little paint on. Or stencil some sweet lettering on. Who knows?

What do you think?
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  1. It looks good! I like a touch of rustic in a room.

  2. I love mason jars. You can do anything with them! They look terrric in your room. I did some frosted glass mason jars a while back. I've gotten so much use from them!
    Thanks for visiting today.

  3. i love them - yours looks great!! and there are so many things that you could use to decorate them - i cant wait to use mine for the holidays :)

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm loving the rustic it brings in too. And yes, it'll be so easy to decorate for the holidays and seasons.


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