Our house.. is a family affair!

First of all, I would like to say thanks for reading my blog! As of last night, I have 10 followers! YAY for double digits!

I would like to show you how many people in a family it takes to get a house ready to move into...

My mom-in-law tearing out ugly wallpaper in the bathroom... it took us about 2 1/2 hours to do our little bathroom.

Dad-in-law ripping out kitchen flooring (after we had a major flood...this is AFTER the soaking wet carpet had been taken out and the lovely yellow lineoleum was found underneath...good thing we were planning to replace it anyway!)

Dad and Sister painting upstairs loft area. My dad painted most of the house. Thankfully he likes to paint! And my sister thinks she's the queen of painting :)

My mom had a back injury at this point, so she couldn't do much with the housework, but she made us dinner and brought it to the house :) Couldn't have done it without her either!

Of course Hubby did a lot too. Here he is sanding this beautiful floor in our dining room. Can you believe the previous owners had this covered with nasty carpet???

And here we are staining it! We stained both the living room and dining room in about 3 hours.

And that's not all! Everyone did so much more than just these few things I've shown you. We painted the entire house on the inside, moved furniture in and around, painted more, ripped out flooring, put new flooring in, did I mention painted?, weeded and gardened in the backs and front yards, mowed (when our mower wasn't working), fixed pipes, painted, painted, painted, and a lot more!

Thanks Family! We love you!
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  1. You have a great family to pitch in and help like that. It's all looking good, too.


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