Kitchen Update

I am working on so many little projects right now! I can't seem to finish any of them before I start a new one. Well, actually, I started and finished one tonight, but don't have pictures of it yet. But I wanted to show you another thing we've done to our house since we've moved in.

Our kitchen was painted a terrible green color with a coordinating green on the trim when we bought the house. So, I just want to show you what a little paint can do to a room!

Here it is when we bought it. Don't you just adore the cutesy border at the top? And the minty green on the walls with a darker minty green on the trim? Mmm. Lovely.

This is my pops and me painting the trim. Refreshing white. Ahh.

This is us painting the "falling leaves" by Behr. I love how the white pops off the dark orange. (It took us 4 coats to get the orange to cover. Eek!)

And here it is finished (sort of) with the before to compare. Excuse the terrible lighting and not so great picture. Also, I have plans to paint the green cabinet to match the other ones. I'm not really sure why they painted these green?

Anyways, I just wanted you to see the power of paint (and non carpeted flooring). It looks so different!

And here's a sneak peak of something I've been working on. (It's an old trunk)

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  1. Oh! That is a great color! And perfect for Fall! ;D

    Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell Saturday!

  2. I love that red! You know what else I like? The stool you're standing on to paint. Rustic cool!

  3. Lori- Absolutely! I love all the great ideas I get from there.

    Yanet- Thanks. The stool is actually my dad's and it's super old and rickety :) It works though!

  4. I love the color you chose for your kitchen! It looks sooo much better - great job!


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