Color Theory

Ever wonder what the perfect color for your bedroom was? Or what would make your bathroom the most serene place to take a bubble bath? Or what the best color for your kitchen would be? Well, I am going to let you decide! Here are some color theory facts:

Red is a great color for a kitchen or dining room. It encourages appetite. It also makes you feel passionate and energetic.

Yellow is also good for a kitchen. It increases your metabolism and creates a cheerful mood (if used in small doses). Yellow has an adverse effect on babies, however. Don't paint your nursery yellow because it is more likely to make your baby cry.

Green often symbolizes nature, health and tranquility. Have you ever wondered why they have "green rooms" backstage? It helps calm nerves. Green is also the most popular color to decorate with.

Blue is a peaceful color and helps productivity. Fun fact: blue is the most-used color in offices. It also suppresses appetites. (My favorite place to use blue is in the bathroom.)

Lavender helps calm nerves and is relaxing. It inspires creativity. A deeper shade of purple is romantic and is the color of royalty.

It's a good idea, in decorating, to balance your colors with neutrals. White, beige, or even grey or black, can help your eyes not be overwhelmed with too much color.

Hope this helps you choose your colors!
P.S. Later today, I will be posting a question to you all. I would like feedback from all of my readers as to what other interior design questions you have and would like advice on! So, be looking for that post and be thinking of questions you have! 

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