Top 10 American House Styles (#1)

We all have certain styles that appeal to us, but most of us don't know the names of the styles we like. I ran across this MSN article that tells what the top American house styles are. I thought I would share it with you and post some pictures, so you can know what your favorite style is called!

The styles are:
Prairie School, Victorian, Cape Cod, Art Deco, Craftsman Bungalow, Ranch, Spanish Eclectic, Tudor Revival, Colonial Revival, and Contemporary. I'm going to give a little snippet of information about each of these styles, and therefore, will be posting this in 3 parts.

Prairie School
This style was made famous by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. It uses horizontal lines which mimic the prairie landscape, and is often even integrated into the landscape. It has flat roofs with overhanging eaves, and windows grouped together to make more horizontal lines.
FLW "Falling Water" House
FLW "Robie" House
Victorian style is easily recognizable because it uses a lot of ornamentation, embellishments and fancy woodwork. There are a lot of types of Victorian architecture because the style spans more than 60 years of the Victorian era. One type is the Queen Anne style, which is known for it's "flamboyant combination of Victorian excesses such as turrets, gables, bays, and towers." (MSN)
Victorian Style
Queen Anne Style

Cape Cod
Unlike the Victorian style, the Cape Cod style has very little ornamentation. It often has a chimney on one side of the house (in older styles, the chimney was in the very center), dormer windows and finished half-stories.
Cape Cod Style
Cape Cod Style

Check back tomorrow for the next 3 styles, Art Deco, Craftsman Bungalow, and Ranch!
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  1. Victorian is not a style; it is a period of time beginning in 1837 when Queen Victoria ascended the throne and ending with her death in 1901.


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